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  Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Hospital (IMPH) was established in 1947. With the rapid growth and development over the past a few decades, it has become the largest AAA-grade comprehensive medical center in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region integrating with clinic service, medical education, translational research, disease prevention, and health care.
  The hospital has 3450 employees who are serving 52 clinical departments, 11 regional research institutes, and an affiliated nursing school. The hospital occupies a ground space of 86 thousand square meters and the business space is up to 210 thousand square meters by which 1891 inpatients can be accommodated and served together. In last year, a total of 1.1 million outpatients and 0.68 million inpatients were treated, and over 30 thousand operations were successfully completed in IMPH. In addition to the Outpatient Building, Surgery Building, Internal Medicine Building, and Health Care Building, a new Cadre Care Building (Inpatient Building B) with the space of 50 thousand square meters has been put into business recently. Two new buildings for expanded outpatient service (90 thousand square meters) and inpatient service (41 thousand square meters; Inpatient Building C) are under construction and will be completed by the end of 2014.
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